Recent Work

Recent Work


Recent Work

The Peace Inside, 2018 Director, Editor


I, Curling (Comedy Central), 2018  Editor, angry fan


Mary-Lou's Treasure, 2017  Director, Editor

Thank You, Goodnight (Comedy Central, 3 Episodes), 2018 Editor

It's A Wonderful Life: Alternate Ending, 2016  Editor

Moonlight Alternate Take, 2017  Editor


Wage Gap: The Movie, 2017  Editor, Man with Goatee


Ernesto’s Miracle, 2017 Editor

Doc-Docs: Grad School vs. Brewery, 2016  Editor

Gear to Go Legacy Video, 2017  Director, Editor

La La Land Alternate Scene, 2017  Editor


Keep it Grand, 2015  Director, Editor


The Bothering, 2016  Editor

The Real Reason Your Food Takes So Long, 2016  Editor

Royalton Farms 30s Spot, 2015  Director, Editor

Love Saves, 2016  Director, Editor

Attack of the Pod(cast) People, 2016  Editor

Doc-Docs: Selfsgiving, 2016  Editor


Hamilton Tickets, 2016  Editor


Rapists Recovery Center, 2016  Editor

Grooms - 'Cross Off' Music Video, 2015  Director of Photography

Flatbush Zombies Solve a Mind Crime, 2016  Editor

Stab Your Eyes Out, 2016  Editor

Eggo Waffles Commercial Extended Cut, 2016  Editor


Infinity Potato, 2016  Editor